This is Sheffield.

If Channel 4 was a city we think it would be Sheffield.

We take risks. We do things differently. We have heart, spirit and voice. We’re not like anywhere else. And we’re fiercely proud of it. This is Sheffield. And this is why Sheffield is a great fit for Channel 4.

We believe Sheffield and Channel 4 can, together, stimulate whole new industries that make an impact way beyond the location of an HQ (of course our location does make it ideal for working with independent producers across the country).

We already have a thriving creative and digital sector producing world class games, films, TV and online technology. We are creating a new National Screen Institute, which brings together the biggest names in the industry to develop new talent and new technologies that will shape the way people create and consume content in the future.

Channel 4 in Sheffield would be good for the city, for the broadcaster, for the country; for indies and above all, for viewers.

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Sheffield is a city that does things on its own terms. Its people are ballsy. Audacious. Never afraid to stand up, challenge authority and make trouble. Creative. Welcoming. Authentic. Fiercely independent. Rich in culture. Always changing. Innovators and inventors. Making things, and making a difference to the world.

Just like Channel 4.

We’re offering Channel 4 a zero cost move. A prime location for a new headquarters at the heart of the city, right next to the main railway station and the creative quarter.

With high speed, direct rail services to every major UK city (including at least two per hour to London) we can connect Channel 4 to the independent production sector across the nation. This connectivity will only improve, with planned HS2 and Northern Powerhouse HS3 links increasing capacity and reducing journey times.

Channel 4 in Sheffield would be the catalyst for the city’s next wave of transformation, delivering a huge impact to the area’s creative digital eco-system, with benefits extending regionally and nationally. A full relocation would bring 4,040 additional jobs over 10 years, with a net GVA impact of over £1bn over ten years and £1.4bn over 15 years.

Sheffield is home to multi-BAFTA winning film and TV producers such as Warp Films; dozens of independent film and TV production companies; world-famous games developers such as Sumo Digital; and Doc/Fest, one of the world’s most important documentary festivals. Sheffield Hallam University has the largest Playstation teaching lab in the world. A preponderance of independent startups are harnessing and developing new technologies from AI to AR. The top 25 tech companies in Sheffield employ more than 12,000 people and bring in more than £2 billion a year.

We are offering Channel 4 the chance to become a key partner in our new National Screen Institute, which will harness new technologies to revolutionise the way creative content is produced, distributed and consumed. Leading nationally on the development of new talent in the creative media and broadcast technology space, the institute will drive innovation in media and broadcasting through collaboration between leading digital and production companies, broadcasters and Sheffield’s two Universities

For more information contact Dean Hughes, Investment Manager, Sheffield City Council.

Sheffield has a unique proposition of city culture, outdoors adventure and rural escapes, making us an ideal choice for those who care about career and lifestyle in equal measure. House prices are amongst the most attractive in the UK and Sheffield is England’s greenest city, with more than 200 parks, woodlands and gardens, and is also the only major UK city to have a national park, The Peak District, within its boundary.

Sheffield is a City of Sanctuary and was the first UK city to make a public commitment to welcoming asylum-seekers and refugees. We’re an ethnically diverse city, with around 19% of our population from black or minority ethnic groups and over 11,000 overseas students studying in the city.

A diverse, well educated workforce will bring new voices and perspectives to the channel. Over 2.1 million people live within a 60 minute peak catchment area of Sheffield, 64% of whom are of working age (more youthful than the national average). With two universities in the city, Sheffield is home to over 60,000 students and produces over 20,000 graduates per year. Digital employment in Sheffield and South Yorkshire stands at well over 21,000.

As you’d expect from the city which gave the world Pulp, The Human League, Arctic Monkeys, Michael Palin and Sean Bean, there is a booming arts, music and cultural scene. We’re home to the largest regional theatre complex outside of London, and of course indelibly associated with snooker. Sheffield Doc/Fest is a world leading documentary festival, welcoming over 30,000 festival goers each year from over 60 countries.

Sheffield has a proud history of working together with the private sector and our two Universities to deliver world-class research and the next generation of talent for the future workforce.

Creativity is in our DNA. We work together, we create, we collaborate, we find solutions and overcome problems. With proven advanced manufacturing success under our belt, we are now focussing on the digital sector and looking to work in partnership with Channel 4.


With thanks to the creative organisations and filmmakers of Sheffield

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  • Footage From 'THE FULL MONTY' Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox


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